'Be Wild'

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'Be Wild'

The ‘Be Wild’ design is influenced by the technique of collaging and inspired by wildflowers. An interest in the art of ‘Collaging’ followed by a short class taken locally influenced the use of materials in the design. 


The art of ‘Collage’ is a technique of assembling different forms to create something new and made an impact as a novelty art form, in the early 20th century, its origins can be traced back hundreds of years. Both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso used collage techniques in the beginning of the 20th century when collaging became a distinctive part of modern art.


Collage techniques date back to 200 BC in China at the time of the invention of paper and collaging was used in the 10th century in Japan when calligraphers began to use glued paper, using texts on surfaces and it appeared in medieval Europe during the 13th century.  Suggestions of collage techniques used in Victorian photocollage appeared in the early 1860s.


The ‘Be Wild’ design is inspired by some beautiful wildflowers I use to pass on my daily walk. Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of wildflowers and poppies growing locally I began to research how important wildflowers are for biodiversity and the environment. The big job wildflowers do is providing bees, butterflies, and other pollinators with food sources throughout the seasons.  


The importance of having a wide range of wildflower species and learning that many species of butterfly only lay their eggs on wildflowers. Taking a closer look in person and study of photo research of the papery, tissue like poppy blossoms informed the final design with a variety of hand drawn poppy motifs, mixed with poppy silhouettes created movement within the ‘Be Wild’ design.


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