I'm delighted to say we've extended our 'home decor' range (a goal from last year). While we loved our classics patterns, some have been with us since our launch, a whole new collection of designs has been sprouting over the last few months with the plan to replace nearly all the designs with fresh work.
My background in textile design, having studied for a degree in Surface Pattern (inks and screens, before digital print really took off) gave me a passion for print and pattern.  This love of print and pattern see's us this year refocus our collections to include offering the designs on fabric for the first time since we launched. Our plan this year is to extend our eco aspects throughout the collections.
I collect mid-century and vintage all the time (can't stop) and these collectables along with an interest in the natural world, architecture, history and fashion inform my ideas and research.  An in-depth process of researching, sketching and gathering of materials goes into each design, giving the patterns their own unique story. 
I hope you'll enjoy exploring the designs and stories woven within, and find pieces here that you'll love to keep.
If you'd like to work with me for Art Licensing, please contact me. 

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